Peruvian Flavors Cooking Class in Lima

Embark on a chef-led culinary adventure and uncover the mysteries of Peruvian cuisine through an immersive cooking class. As you delve into the captivating flavors of Peru, you’ll also discover fascinating tidbits about the Chorrillos district, all while mastering the art of preparing mouthwatering dishes such as ceviche and lomo saltado.

General information

Price / 85 USD per person

You can pay online

Refund policy

24-hour refund policy


Tuesday to Saturday

Start time

16:30 hrs


2 hours 30 minutes

Included / excluded

1 ceviche

1 lomo saltado (sirloin stir fry)

1 pisco sour

Chef instruction

Online recipes

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Full description

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary culinary experience set in the renowned Mirasol restaurant located in Chorrillos, Lima! This exceptional cooking class is designed to unveil the secrets behind Peru’s most iconic dishes: ceviche and lomo saltado. Throughout the class, you will actively participate, acquiring a hands-on experience and learning the traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Ceviche and lomo saltado are quintessential components of Peruvian cuisine, and this cooking class presents a remarkable opportunity to master their preparation under the guidance of experienced chefs. The journey commences with a captivating introduction to the historical and cultural significance of these dishes in Peru. You will explore the diverse array of fish and seafood varieties used in ceviche, as well as the multitude of techniques employed to create its delectable variations. For lomo saltado, you will delve into the cuts of beef utilized and the distinctive cooking methods that have made it a beloved favorite among both locals and visitors.


Under the expert tutelage of the chefs, you will navigate the process of selecting the freshest ingredients and meticulously preparing them for the culinary creations. Witness firsthand their demonstrations on proper fish cleaning and filleting, as well as the art of slicing and sautéing the beef for the lomo saltado. Guided by their expertise, you will have the opportunity to craft your own ceviche and lomo saltado, receiving invaluable guidance along the way to refine your techniques and elevate your skills.

No Peruvian cooking experience would be complete without mastering the art of crafting a pisco sour, the national cocktail of Peru. Within the class, you will uncover the secrets of this delightful beverage from scratch. The chef will demonstrate the harmonious blending of pisco, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white, resulting in a frothy and invigorating cocktail that harmonizes perfectly with the ceviche and lomo saltado. As the class draws to a close, you will depart equipped with the knowledge and abilities to prepare a traditional Peruvian feast, including the iconic pisco sour, leaving your friends and family astounded by your newfound culinary prowess.

Meeting point

The cooking class starts at Restaurante Mirasol. Once there please come inside to the bar.

Important information

Pick up and drop off is not included, however it is very easy to get to Mirasol restaurant taking a taxi. From Miraflores or Barranco taxis charge from 6 to 10 USD.

Payment information

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