Tours in Arequipa

Embark on one of these amazing tours in Arequipa and discover this fascinating Peruvian volcanic city. Book a walking tour and walk along the cobblestone streets of the city while admiring its volcanic rock constructions. Join one of our culinary tours and try delicious typical dishes such as stuffed rocoto or shrimp chupe at a Picantería. Escape from the city and visit the Colca Canyon for one, two or three days and leave aside the stress of the city to immerse in a beautiful landscape where you will get to watch condors.

With these tours in Arequipa you will discover every detail that makes this city a wonderful place. In addition to our tours in Arequipa, there are activities that you can do on your own, such as visiting the beautiful cathedral or taking a trip to the Santuarios Andinos Museum, where most preserved mummy of Peru is located. A place that you cannot miss during your stay in Arequipa is definitely the Monastery of Santa Catalina. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries in the country.

Top activities in Arequipa

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Colca Canyon Tours

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Day Trips from Arequipa

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Food Tours in Arequipa

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Walking Tours in Arequipa

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Frequent asked questions

What is Arequipa known for?

Arequipa is the second most populated city in Peru and is located near the Andes mountain range. This city is located at more than 2,300 meters above sea level and is known for its impressive volcanoes. In addition to the volcanoes, this city has earned the name of the white city, due to the use of a white volcanic rock used to build houses.

What are the most popular tours in Arequipa?

The most popular tours in Arequipa are the tours to the Colca Canyon and the tours to Santa Catalina Monastery.

Where to stay when traveling to Arequipa?

In Arequipa, the place where most of the attractions such as churches, museums and the Santa Catalina monastery are located is the historic center, however, there are districts very close to the historic center that are also a good option to stay, such as the San Lazaro district located 5 minutes walk or the Yanahuara district located 15 minutes walk. If you are still in the decision stage between where to stay, we recommend that you keep in mind that tours to the Colca Canyon include pick-up from lodgings located mainly in the historic center or in the San Lazaro district.

What is the best time to travel to Arequipa?

Luckily, Arequipa is a city with excellent weather almost all year round, however, if you are a person who prefers to avoid the rain, you should know that the rainy season in Arequipa is from December to March.

Is Arequipa a safe city?

This city is one of the safest in Peru and you will feel it from the first moment.

What is the best Museum in Arequipa?

The best museum to visit in Arequipa is definitely the Museo Santurios Andinos. This museum is famous for having the Juanita mummy on display, the best preserved mummy in all of Peru. In addition, this museum also has a collection of objects found in Inca and pre-Inca offerings.

How to move from one place to another?

Although Arequipa is a big city, the places of interest are all in the historic center, the San Lazaro district or the Yanahuara district, so you will only need a pair of sneakers and the desire to walk. If it is essential for you to take a taxi, you can take it directly on the street or contact them through apps such as Uber.