Food Tours in Arequipa

2 tours available

muisca yoga and hike in neusa reservoir


3-hour Food Tour in Arequipa Downtown

US$ 69 per person

premium wellness experience at neusa hills


Street Food Tour in San Camilo Market and Surroundings

US$ 49 per person

Frequent asked questions

Why should I take a food tour in Arequipa?

A culinary tour in Arequipa will allow you to get to know the gastronomic culture that this wonderful city has. In addition, you will learn about the history of the city and enjoy the company of an expert guide.

Why the food from Arequipa is very popular in Peru?

The traditional food of Arequipa is popular in Peru due to its originality and use of Peruvian ingredients such as potatoes and corn.

What is the most typical food from Arequipa?

The most typical dish of Arequipa is undoubtedly the stuffed rocoto, it is a type of pepper stuffed with ground meat and vegetables. This dish also has a vegetarian version.

What is a Picanteria?

A Picanteria is a type of restaurant where traditionally there are long tables and different groups of people can share a single table. These places are known for serving traditional food such as stuffed rocoto, ocopa, fried guinea pig, adobo, etc.

Are these tours suitable for vegetarians?

Most of the food in Arequipa is vegetarian or perfectly adaptable, so if you are vegetarian and want to join one of our tours, just let us know.

Are these tours suitable for vegans?

Unfortunately these tours do not contain vegan food.